Clearance Items

Front 2-piece 25mm Adjustable Rain Hub
28T 50mm 125cc Shifter Sprocket
HQ 40mm Water Pump Pulley
Rear Magnesium Wheel - 180mm
Retro Gray Magnesium Wheel Set
Aluminum Wheel Spindle Mount - 115mm
Carbon Look Wheel Spindle Mount - 115mm
Carbon Look Wheel 3/67 - 125mm
50mm HQ Brake Rotor Carrier - S1 Line
25mm HQ Brake Rotor Carrier - Gold
25mm Brake Rotor Carrier - Blue
40 x 75mm Wheel Hub - Blue
4-Stroke Belt Pulley

4-Stroke Belt Pulley

$25.00 - $35.00


Complete IPK KF Brake Kit - USED
Front/Rear Caliper

Front/Rear Caliper

$45.00 - $75.00


50mm Cassette/Bearing Holder - Anodized Gold
50mm Cassette/Bearing Holder - Carbon Fiber Look
50mm Cassette/Bearing Holder - Anodized Blue
23T 50mm 125cc Shifter Sprocket
Motoplat Ignition - USED
Seat Strut Kit
17mm Front Hub Support/Insert
50mm Cassette/Bearing Holder - Anodized Red
50mm x 1030mm Extra Hard Universal Axle
IPK R2 Front Disc/Rotor Support - Basic
100cc 50mm Front Hub
25mm Brake Rotor Carrier - 3 Point **SALE**
Dellorto PHBG 18 Airbox Adapter
Single Spindle Mount Aluminum Wheel - 115mm
Single Aluminum Wheel - 115mm
Single Freeline HQ Mag Wheel - 210mm
Single Intrepid Mag Wheel - 212mm
210mm Rear Wheel - SET
Comer Clutch Shoes
IAME Carb Elastic Spacer - MiniSwift
IAME Complete 11T Clutch Kit - PV100 Maxi/Swift JICA
Comer 12T Clutch Drum
VHM Special "Flat Top" Pistons
VHM Cylinder Head Insert
Super Tech Ring
IAME Carb Elastic Spacer - Swift
IAME Pressure Plate - Swift
IAME Front Pressure Plate - Swift
Aftermarket Motoplat Coil - USED
Yamaha Clutch Support Bracket for Odenthal Mount
IAME Heavy Jacket  **CLEARANCE**
Tony Kart Spindle Camber Caster Kit
Arroxx Body Protector - Small
Power Pack Water Proof Cover
Gazelle Header - Non-Restricted
Relay for Power Pack - Early Leopard
Ignition Cover

Ignition Cover



Anti Vibration / Dampner
Clutch Cover - Leopard
IAME Fuse Cut-Out - Leopard/Gazelle
IAME Clutch Drum - Mini/Baby Swift / Dragon
Gasket Kit - Gazelle
IAME Flex Wrap - Fiber
IAME Countershaft/Bendix - Gazelle and MiniSwift
IAME Starter - Gazelle and MiniSwift
IAME Starter Drive Wheel  66T
IAME Nylon Spacer - Gazelle
IAME Connecting Rod Kit - Gazelle
IAME Exhaust End Cap - Gazelle
IAME Cylinder Head - Gazelle
IAME Complete Crank - Gazelle
IAME Coil Support - Gazelle
Parilla Swift Jica

Parilla Swift Jica



Yamaha KT100 Piston Rings
IAME Cylinder - Gazelle
Pavesi / Maxtor Connecting Rod Assembly
IAME PV100 Swift Engine Piston Kit
IAME ICA Engine Piston Kit
IAME Dragon Engine Piston Kit
IAME Reedster Engine Piston Kit
IAME Gazelle Connecting Rod Kit
IAME Crank Pin - Gazelle
IAME Gazelle Exhaust Pipe
IAME Drive Side Crank Half - Gazelle
Mini Radiator

Mini Radiator



Flex-T Low Speed Adjustment
IAME Komet Crankcase

IAME Komet Crankcase



Gasket Kit - Mini Swift
Dragon 125cc

Dragon 125cc



WK Aluminum Thermostat
WK Steering Attachment for Hand Brake/Accelerator
Bell Light Smoke SRV/ GP2 Youth Replacement Shield
Gasket Kit - Lamelle
IAME Sprocket Drum - 10T Swift
IAME Clutch Disc - Swift
IAME Extra Long Cylinder Head Nut
TM Cylinder Head Insert - K9BB
TM Cylinder Head Insert - K9B
Cadet Body Work Complete Set with Italkart Sticker Kit
Aluminum Foot Rest
Chrome Cap for 32mm Chassis
Parilla Nordam 125cc

Parilla Nordam 125cc



IPK KF Front Brake Hub and Rotor Kit - USED
Parilla Nordam 125cc - KIT

Parilla Nordam 125cc - KIT