TM KZ10C Factory Prepared

$ 5,400.00 USD
previously $ 6,500.00 USD

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The factory prepared TM KZ10C engine from TM Racing with special parts (main bearings, crank assembly, cylinder and cylinder head, piston, silencer and more). Accessories include exhaust system, carb, silencer and motor mount. 


Suggested torque values for: 
5mm - 6 ft-lb 8 nm aluminum 
6mm - 12 ft-lb 7 nm aluminum 
8mm - 14 ft-lb 18 nm aluminum 
12mm - 60 ft-lb 80 nm steel 
14mm - 100 ft-lb 135.5 nm steel


KZ10C Parts List
KZ10C Homologation
KZ Setup Notes
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