LP3900 Bench Top Honing Machine - DISPLAY UNIT

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previously $6,500.00

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This simple to use, simple to install and easy to move honing machine will be the invaluable piece of machinery for all of your cylinder honing needs.

- Abrasive Expansion: controlled by pedal and frontal wheel 

- Honing Pressure:controlled by pedal 

- 1 x Oil regulating 

- Extractable basin 

- Holds 9 Litres of honing oil (not included)

- 1 x coolant tank 

- 2 x splash guard panels 

- 1 x dial bore guage holder 

- 1 x security bar 

- 4 x anti-vibrating legs 

- Tech.char.document for honing oil 

- Voltage: 110 Volt, 60 Hz, single-phase 

 Does not include mandrel or stand.

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